Awen Wines

The online store is under construction and should be ready by the 2018 holiday season.

  1. Are you over the age of 21?
    You must be 21 years old or older for us to sell you wine. Sorry, no way to get around this.
  2. Want it shipped? Where do you want to send it to? 
    We are currently shipping only to the following states: CA, FL, HI, ID, IN, MA, MT, OK, OR, NC, ND, NE, NM, NV, VA, WV WY and to parts of NH. If you are outside of these areas, let us know!
  3. Ready to order?
    Please call us at (408) 203-3737 or (408) 373-6990 or email us at info@awenwinecraft.com.

Thanks for your interest!

Bulk Order Pricing

Don’t forge that you will get 5% off when you order 6 to 11 bottles and 10% off when you order 12 or more bottles! If you decide to join Awen Wine Club (coming very soon) you’ll get even more of a discount!