2016 Inspiration Blend


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68% Grenache Blanc, 19% Viognier, 13% Roussanne

Gold Medal Winner – 2017 Oregon Wine Experience

Our 2016 Inspiration Blend is a blend of Viognier, Grenache Blanc, and Roussanne sourced from some of the finest growers in Southern Oregon. This wine is as a number of customers say, ‘light, bright and crisp – perfect for drinking on a hot summer’s day!’ The Grenache Blanc in the Inspiration Blend is done in steel (as opposed to the 2016 Grenache Blanc, which was fermented in 60% oak) which makes this dry wine have a very fruit forward taste with a dry finish with excellent minerality. The aroma of this wine is layered with honeysuckle, pears, apricots and grapefruit. It presents you a full-bodied flavor but remains crisp throughout. We hope you enjoy our gold medal winning wine!

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