2016 Grenache Blanc


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89% Grenache Blanc, 6% Viognier and 5% Roussanne

Grenache Blanc is one of the rarest grapes grown in Oregon, which is approximately 6 acres state-wide!

Our 2016 Grenache Blanc is sourced from Quail Run’s 616 Vineyard located in the Heart of the Rogue Valley, and is one of our favorites. This wine was designed to be the ‘red wine lover’s white’ or the ‘winter white’, meaning that it was designed to be paired with food, specifically food with bold flavors. Additionally, the 2016 can be served at a relatively wide variety of temperatures, at colder temperatures you may notice crisp apple flavors and hints of pear, while closer to room temperature the wine will have more tropical fruit notes present. In either case, this wine will finish crisply with a mineral finish.

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Grenache Blanc