Hello Friends, theses are strange times and we’ve all found ourselves very suddenly thrust into a new reality….a new way of working, living, and communicating. While this might be a time of social distancing, that doesn’t mean it should be a time of disconnecting. Just the opposite! Now is the time to make a more concerted effort to be even more connected and engaged.

We invite you to join us as we attempt to provide a bit of levity by hosting an online wine tasting and hangout session! We’ll be sharing Awen news, playing a few rounds of wine trivia, sharing delicious local foods, and having a good ol’ time…It’s fully interactive, so bring your questions and fun stories.

We hope to see you there wherever that may be!!!!
The Awen Team

APRIL 15, 2020

Wine Awen Winecraft Grenache Blanc
Food Pairing Bambu Restaurant
Movie Blood into Wine (check out the trailer)
Title for the Queen/King Cerridwyn & Bacchus